Monday, June 6, 2016

Event #3
Maria Antonia Gonzalez

 Me at the lecture with art and activism displays behind me 

I recently attended Maria Antonia Gonzalez's lecture in regards to her works at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. This lecture was very fascinating to me because it focused on dealing with the big problems we face as a species and even on a more individual scale by combining humanities, arts, and sciences.

Dr. Gonzalez 

Dr. Gonzalez discussed the strengths of Biotech in agriculture and how art can be used as a form of activism. She mentioned the power that philosophy, art, and science have when combined together and this was seen when she discussed the powerful threat GMO's are making on the maize itself and even the surrounding populations. Transgenic corn has been seen as a very unhealthy crop to consume due to its relations with illness and cancer.

Furthermore, Dr. Gonzalez also went over using this art as a form of activism through exhibitions and workshops. She discussed the power these exhibitions and workshops have on the community due to their interactive qualities, which give the community a better understanding of such subjects. She also described how a community has the power to ignite change through their thinking and artistic propaganda. This lecture allowed students to see how influential the two cultures are together versus when they are standing alone.

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